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SOR Project Tracking System - iPad

SOR PTS Dashboard

This is the home screen for the SOR Project Tracking System, displaying an overview of active contracts for easy assessment.

Project List

Displays active projects, which can be filtered by contractor, region, project status or contract.

Project Details

Shows the details and status of a selected project, such as daily activity and materials usage.

Daily Activity Photos

Displays a report of the photos submitted to report daily activities.

Materials Usage Report

Displays a report of all of the project material. Can by filtered by material name, contractor, contract or region.

Contract List

Displays a list of all current contracts. Results can be filtered by region, contractor, contract type and status.

Contract Details

Shows the details and progress for a selected contract.

On-Time Ratio

Shows the ratio of projects that are commissioned on time, displayed by month. This can be compared against the average of all contractors.

Performance Index

Allows assessment of a selected contractor’s performance in comparison with others. Four different indicators are used to determine the level of performance.

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