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SOR Mobile - Financial Management

Financial Management

Button to access Financial Management Module on SOR Mobile.

Financial Management Options

Menu of options for Financial Management.

Payment History

Shows claims submitted and payments received for a period up to six months.

Payment Analysis

Search claims by contract, region, payment status, claim type, and date.

Payment Status

Shows a summary of claims submitted and payments received for the selected invoices.

Invoice Search Results

Displays the invoices that fit the search criteria.

Invoice Details

Shows details and status of the selected invoice.

Aging Analysis

Shows aging of unpaid invoices in chart and table format.

Aging Analysis - 2

Details for aging analysis, with drilldown to relevant invoices.

Aging Drilldown - Results List

List of all invoices fitting the aging criteria.

Aging Drilldown - Details 1

Invoice details with aging information.

Aging Drilldown - Details 2

Invoice details with aging information, including links to view invoice and other claims.

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